Mar 29, 2011

A List of Things I Don't Care About

I know that in today's age I'm supposed to be concerned about damn near everything.  Charlie Sheen. Japan.  William and Kate's wedding.  Libya.

I hate to admit it... I really don't.  Care that is.

Maybe my care quotient is all taken up with things like... how am I going to afford my son's braces?  I haven't had a checkup in almost 8 years-- how can I afford one without health insurance?  Can I lose 50 lbs. without exercising? 'Cause I really hate sweating.  Why is there no place to get a bikini wax in my hometown?

These, sadly enough, are the things that matter to me.

I don't really care that Charlie Sheen is going to be found dead in a mountain of cocaine surrounded by hookers.  He's had more privilege and opportunity than all the people I know combined and if that's how he chooses to blow it (no pun intended) then that's his choice.

The whole Japan thing sucks and is scary.  But my worry quotient is also already taken up by other things so I'm playing ostrich and hiding my head in the sand when all the bad news comes on.  I'm tired of being bummed out by things I can't control.

William and Kate's wedding I find vaguely interesting but I think he was cheap in not getting her her own engagement ring and I think having my fiancee's tragically dead mother's ring on my finger would skeeve me out.

I really don't care about Libya.  Like... at all.  My only concern is are we really going to go attack another Middle Eastern country and fight another war?  Why?  Everyone just tells me because of the oil.  Can't we spend all that money that we're wasting on wars by researching ways to run cars without using oil? And then our soldiers could come, and be safe, and guard things like... Lady Gaga's egg?

Why can't we go back to the good old days when our powers that be just assassinate the people who were pissing us off.  Wouldn't that be cheaper? And easier? Or would it slow down the news cycle too much?

I guess I'm tired of Network News dictating to me what I should care about.  Like the fat kid who body slammed the skinny bully.  Personally, I cheered, but I really have a hard time understanding how it justifies a three day run as Top News.

Or how about the Teen Mom 2 "star" who is all over the news for beating up another teenager.  This is news?  I should care about this?

A quick review of the "top news" on my three favorite sites yielded not one thing that I (a) either cared about or (b) cared about AND could do something about.

I guess it's time to just put my head down and get back to work.  That -- I do care about.

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